The Orianthi Inteview

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Written By: Victoria Hill
(Urban/Pop Editor)

Orianthi is a virtuoso female guitar player (a rarity in music). Having played with Michael Jackson, among others, Orianthi has emerged onto the pop scene as a guitar-oriented pop solo artist. If you have a chance, pick up a copy of Believe

Victoria Hill: The single “According To You” is a hit and your album “Believe” is getting good reviews. You’re on the road promoting the single and album. How is the promotion tour going? How are the fans reacting to the new music?

Orianthi: It's Going Great! We've been traveling around the country playing mini acoustic showcases and everyone seems to be liking the new music.

VH: You were exposed to a large audience at the 2009 Grammys. How did it feel to play the Grammys and getting wide exposure?

Orianthi: Crazy, So nice of Carrie Underwood to invite me to jam out with her and the band. It felt very surreal to be up there.

VH: You were named one of the great female electric guitarists. How do you feel about that honor?

Orianthi: That was really awesome... I feel very honored.

VH: What inspired you to start playing guitar?

Orianthi: My Dad, I picked up the guitar at 6 and he taught me how to play chords.

VH: You were Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist and you played at his memorial. What was it like to work with Michael and then to play his memorial?

Orianthi: It was Incredible Working with Michael ...a dream come true, I learned so much! When he passed I was devastated. He was such a wonderful person and incredible musician. Really hard to play at his memorial.

VH: Other than Michael Jackson, you played with Steve Vai, Carlos Santana, Carrie Underwood and Prince. These artists span rock, pop, soul and country. What have you learned working with these artists?

Orianthi: To Never stop learning…to continue to grow and evolve as a musician. They are all perfectionists.

VH: You are considered a role model by females and guitar players. How do you feel about feeling a role model?

Orianthi: My goal is to inspire more children, boys and girls to pick up the guitar and believe in themselves So that’s great if they think of me as a role model.

VH: You have achieved a lot by the age of 24. What else would you like to do career-wise and personally?

Orianthi: I would like to make an instrumental record and a country record.

VH: What has been the best moment in your career?

Orianthi: Getting to jam out with incredible musicians.

VH: You grew up in Adelaide on the southern tip of Australia. What would you like people to know about your hometown?

Orianthi: It has an old feel to the city (lots of churches) and beautiful spots…Barossa Valley and National Parks.

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