Deezle Answers Our Burning Questions

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We caught up with famed producer, Deezle for a quick Q&A.

CWG: Tha Carter III was one of the most successful albums of 2008 and is nominated for 8 Grammys. As a producer, how does it feel to be a part of something so big? Has the success open the doors to work with other artists?

When I finally do take moments to stop and think about how big this thing is, or I meet people who I wouldn't even expect to know my name I realize even further that there is no way I could ever get just how big it really is!

But, when I Let go of trying to realize it from a global perspective and I simply take it in, I get an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and happiness that so many people enjoyed our work and that we were able share the fruit of our passion with the world and they loved the taste of it.

It has so many doors that my team needs extra hands to turn all of the knobs, and that's exciting!

CWG: You are scoring a film for Jonathan Demme. How did that project come along? You have scored in the past for TV and film, how is that different or similar to producing for artists? Can you be more creative?

In the past Donald Harrison and I did some scoring work on a Jonathan Demme project, which came to me through Donald and his relationship with Jonathan.

For me the level of creativity does not change with the genre, but the creativity itself does take on different forms. But, in the end whether it's a recording artist, film, or television show the musical need is most important and needs to match the picture on the screen or the words of the artist.

CWG: How is your album “I Do This” coming along?

My album is 90% done, but the title will be different. It will feature me as an artist (singing and playing guitar) and producer as well as most of the artists in the Drum Major Music fold.

CWG: You lost a lot and had to move to Atlanta because of Hurricane Katrina . You said that the experience made you work harder and gave you some understanding. Now that you are back in New Orleans, what would you like others to know about the city?

I would like others to know that my city is still very much in the beginning of the rebuilding stages, but those who have seen and lent a hand are personally appreciated by me and the Drum Major Music family.

Furthermore, I would like send a huge thank you to Brad Pitt for insuring an influx of resources into our economy by choosing to shoot the Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons in New Orleans, and also for his work in the lower ninth ward. It is GREATLY appreciated Brad!

CWG: You have the DRUMAJOR label and brand. What are your goals for DRUMAJOR?

Our goals for the Drum Major Music brand are to first fully establish our philanthropic efforts in the community because the people have given so much to us it is only right that we make certain we give back in a way that will not only bring joy and happiness, but also give hope and opportunity to those who feel their dreams are out of reach.

Secondly we are committed to being on the cutting edge and remaining new and fresh in the creation of our products. As well as making sure our highs are the crispiest, our bass is the heaviest, and that our sonic quality is recognized and remains the standard in our industry.

CWG: What advice would you give to others who want to produce? What was the best advice someone gave you as you came into the industry?

I would say learn everyone's position in the scope of creating a record so you know how it feels to be in their shoes along with the capabilities and limitations of their position. Know the responsibility of the musicians, their instruments, and most importantly your own position.

Then, go for it, be creative and give it all you've got! The best advice I was given on producing was given to me by Donald Harrison saying to listen to the music and it will always tell you what it needs.

CWG: What inspires your beats?

My beats are inspired by God, family, and the basics of life.

CWG: Lollipop was the most downloaded ring tone for 2008; do you have it as your ringtone?
I have Lollipop on all of my computers, and both of my iPhones. Basically everywhere I can have it.

CWG: Where do you see your career going in the next year and beyond?

With 3 Grammy nominations, a great team in place with Julius Garcia and Mark Pitts at the helm and "D D D Deezle On The Beat" (LOL), Drum Major Music and my career as a producer is destined for the stars!!!

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