5 Minutes With Propagandhi

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We caught up with Propagandhi's Todd Kowalksi via e-mail to discuss war, music and vegans!

CWG: You guys are a very philanthropic band, which is great! But I have to know... What's the difference between Peta and Peta2?

Peta2 is version of Peta geared for younger audiences. It is closer to the way we think it should be presented.

Sometimes Peta is just embarrassing. aha..

CWG: I have yet to hear the whole album (Can't wait until it comes out, by the way!) Politically, what kinds of issues are you guys tackling on "Supporting Caste?"

We're talking about the things that constantly go through our heads day in and day out. For me it's Refugee issues as well as things that are happening in our city and in my life.

Dealing with substance abuse in my family and downtown, always talking to and dealing with people who abuse solvent, alcohol etc... It' a harsh world out there. It can burn you down.

Chris has songs about Atheism, death, eating meat-eaters ad other good stuff!

It's all exciting! haha..

CWG: With that said, do Vegans taste better or worse than non-Vegans?

Meat-eaters would be way more fun to kill but would taste fucking awful because they'd be full of steroids and shit from their burgers, not to mention that's like eating a corpse within a corpse.... stinky filthy meat-freak. ha ha,,

CWG: What's the correlation between hockey and the Nazis?

The correlation is not between the sport of hockey and Nazis.

The idea of that song I that it's pathetic that you cannot watch hockey or go to a game without being lambasted with war imagery and war-geared propagnda.

From commentators spouting rhetoric to "soldiers" repelling down from the rafters. It's a society spewing old mindless propaganda that leads to real deaths in real countries.

War propaganda was perfected by the Nazis.

CWG: If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be and why?

I would make it illegal for countries to profit off of war in any way, that's including selling weapons, taking the spoils of war, or having mines in places that are victimized and destroyed by the result of these mines and companies.

CWG: What do you all do to kill time in between albums?

I like to draw, fight Jiu Jitsu, and I volunteer with people who come to Winnipeg as refugees from all over the world.

I'm also trying to earn how to use Photoshop. haha..

CWG: Any plans for a West Coast tour any time soon?

Yeah, we'll be coming there sometime soon, a few months. As I sit here I can't remember the month. July maybe?

See ya there, I hope! If we survive the next 1,000,000 shows before that!!

CWG: Whatever happened to Glen Lambert? I really liked that guy!

He was replaced by the returning Chris Hannah... He's a ray of happy-go-luckiness!

Yeah, Lambert was o.k. but also a fucking freak.

Catch Propagandhi on tour w/ Paint It Black
03/05 St. Petersburg, FL @ The State Theatre
03/06 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ The Culture Room
03/07 Elkton, FL @ St. John's County Fairgrounds - HARVEST OF HOPE FESTIVAL
03/08 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
03/10 Virginia Beach, VA @ Peabodys (w. New Hampshire State Motto)
03/11 Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar (w. Ruiner)
03/12 New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
03/13 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (w. Bridge and Tunnel)
03/14 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theatre (w. Witch Hunt)
03/15 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Club

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