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Vistoso Bosses are a new act from Atlanta on Interscope/Collipark. The group is made up of 17 years old Taylah P and Kelci, whose sound has been likened to a punkier version of TLC. Their influences include 80s freestyle, Miami bass, R&B and British indie pop. After 500,000 indie Myspace streams and hoards of You Tube girls lip-synching their song "Delirious" they were scooped up by Mr.Collipark himself, the same executive who found and produced Souljah Boy. They will release their album “Confetti” through Interscope this spring; the single, “Delirious” is making the rounds.

Check them out on MySpace:

Interview By: White Chicks On Rap

CWG: There aren't a lot of teenage artists out there. What's it like being young and on stage?

Kelci: Being young and on stage is a great feeling! As you said there aren’t a lot of Young people out there so we feel very blessed to be amongst the few! We love what we do. Our music is up on iTunes, its available as ringtones and soon our album, Confetti, will be in stores. Its so cool and makes us proud we did it all before graduation.
CWG: What can we expect from your album?

Taylah.p: You can expect a lot of things you didn't expect that's for sure! We had a lot of fun making this album. We work with a lot of great producers and song writers. Everybody was very understanding and they gave us - Kelci and myself - a lot of creative input. She and I had a lot freedom to just be us and experiment, very involved!

CWG: Getting 500,000 Myspace streams is great! How did you get on Myspace and how did you promote your group so people would go to Myspace?

Kelci: That's so funny!

Tay and I talk about that because we have been promoting since we became a group. Lol!

We had other Myspace pages and we were working so hard to get our name out. Getting people to come was the hardest. We had to just keep posting comments and trying our best to draw people in.

The night we got signed we instantly had people coming to our page. Lol!

CWG: You were a featured pick in Blender magazine. What is it like to get the kind of exposure?

Taylah.p: Being in Blender was crazzzy! We were like freaking out! It was really exciting. To get that kind of exposure for us is unbelievable.

We're still taking it all in, and with everything {happening} so fast, it just makes it more confusing. It feels so, so amazing to watch our dreams come true right in front of us.

CWG: Your group has been described as a punkier version of TLC. Are you fans of TLC?
Kelci: Yes, we actually are and it's an honor to be compared to them. We hope for the same great accomplishments.

At the same time we are trying to set our own path. We're just Vistoso that's it.

CWG: What are your musicial inspirations?

Taylah.p: We are inspired by everything! Not just music. Not just musicians. We don't really like to name specific people, but we are inspired from everything that surrounds us.

Also certain situations will inspired is to write a song or make a video. We get inspirations from just living!

CWG: Where you do you see yourself a year from now?

Kelci: Superstars! Everyone asks us that.

We're still fine-tuning, lol! We definitely want to still be as strong as we are together! Tay and I are SO close and that's one thing we never want to change no matter what!

CWG: You were scooped up by Mr. Collipark (the same producer who found Souljah Boy). What has he done for your career? What advise has he given you?

Taylah.p: Mr.collipark has done a lot for our career! He believed in us! He gave us a chance.

We have such a funny, weird relationship with him, Lol!

If we have an idea or opinion he always tries to keep an open mind and hear us out. He gives us a lot of good advice. We've learned a lot from him and I think he has learned a lot from us as well. He's slipped up a couple of times and said something "Vistoso." Also, if you watch our video, you can see him driving the school bus.

CWG: What advice have you been given you as your career is starting?

Kelci: Since we've began we heard so much.

So many people have been so protective and given us all the tools we'll need for now and the future. I think the thing that EVERYBODY has all been on the same page about is "don't ever let anybody come between us."

Our parents, managers, everyone at Interscope, have just been drilling it in that we're going to have a lot of people in our ear, but our friendship is important and we have to be strong. We know that, but you know when other things get involved anything can happen I guess.

CWG: Is there an artist or producer you would like to work with and why?

Taylah.p: Of course! There are so many people we loved to work with! At this moment the first that comes to mind is M.I.A! We love her and her style!

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