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The 2008 F.A.M.E. Awards, Los Angeles, California – Saturday, June 7, 2008
Story by: Mario R. Martin

Ah yes, sunny California. I remember thinking about the sunshine state when I was a child. I envisioned stars walking among us like the dead people in “The Sixth Sense.” Maybe it was like that at one time, but California, namely Hollywood, is far from that now. If you’re one in the upper echelon you may see the nameless faces from inside the velvet rope, but if you’re not, you may have to settle on blurry images from very far away, after being hassled by security.

Such is life trying to be where musicians, actors, and all around celebrities might be. But, there’s an industry out there that still gives back to the fans. It’s the industry that rivals any other and clears over *$12 billion per year (*CNN Money, 2007), yet is still looked down upon. Can you guess what that industry is? No, it’s not Wall Street and it’s not professional football, even though they are rapists and killers in their own rights. It’s the adult industry - selling sex since the beginning of time. Regardless what your stance is on the adult industry and on pornography or sexual aides, the adult industry is one of the few industries that tries to incorporate the fans, from expos and conventions, to the contract stars performing at gentlemen’s clubs around the country. Sex sells people, and we’re all consumers!

Adam & Eve is one of the main sponsors of the third annual F.A.M.E. Awards (in conjunction with the concurrent 3-day erotic expo, Erotic L.A.); which is an adult film award show completely decided by the fans. What a novel idea huh? The people who buy the product are directly related to the honors someone gets. Amen.

Well, Wicked Pictures brought you Jenna Jameson, Digital Underground brought you Jesse Jane (F.A.M.E. Awards co-host with Randy Spears), and Adam & Eve has been bringing you the finest in mail order catalogs for adult products and entertainment. As Adam & Eve grew through the years, the company has expanded into the film and distribution arm of the adult industry. With that, A&E has also gotten into the contracting of young, promising talent such as the lovely Kayden Kross, Bree Olson and Ava Rose.

Chicks With Guns had a chance to chat with the ladies of Adam & Eve for an exclusive interview. The questions were riveting (of course!), and the ladies were as charming as they are beautiful.

Kayden Kross…Starts a Band (

Hi Kayden, great to meet you. So, this interview is a bit unconventional (as is the magazine it's for: Chicks With Guns), so I wanted the style of this interview to be a little different. We've all read interviews or been interviewed and the questions are all the same, so let's change it up a bit. Have as much fun with this as possible. Let's do it...

MRM: You start a band, what's the name of your band, why, and what kind of music do you play?

My band will be a letter. I will be the letter “K”. Why? Because I can’t think of anything better. I'm so musically inept that I would probably knock off another band. Tool or NIN would be ideal.

MRM: You're booked to open up for your favorite band, the one that inspired you to start a band in the first place. What is your favorite band and what song of theirs? Would you choose to cover after opening for them?

Okay Tool it is. I want that new song they have called "Pot".

MRM: All girl band? Or do you have some guys in the band?

It’s just me. And I'm the letter “K”.

MRM: Groupies - take them backstage, or have security throw them out? If you let them backstage, what do you expect to happen?

Groupies will be treated according to their hotness factor and levels of intoxication, among other things!

MRM: You're thrashing hotel rooms after the show. The hotel calls the police and you're taken downtown. You pose for your mugshot and they blood test you for drugs. What do you have in your system, and why?

Okay, I have caffeine for sure. There is probably some cum because I'm a swallower. God, other than that they'd be lucky to find some alcohol. I'm a boring rockstar. It’s part of the ‘knocking off other bands’ thing.

MRM: You're playing the Sunset Strip and you're wasted (a la Guns'N'Roses circa 1986). You fall off the stage and break a bone. Do you play through the pain, or stop the show?

I totally play through the pain because it’s all a recording anyway. Like Ashlee Simpson!

MRM: The manager of the club stiffs you on the show you just played. How do you handle that?

Not well. I dare him to try!

MRM: Your band's manager extorts all the profits. What do you do?

Hire a contract killer.

MRM: You're about to release your second record. By this time you've got a big following. You're the lead in the band and you're obviously the hottest. Do you pose nude on your own cover for shock value/street cred/art? Or do you go another route?

Pose nude. I figure it’s already out there, now I'm just getting paid more for it.

MRM: Artist riders are extreme. How extreme would your band's rider be?

My horse would travel with me. Actually we would remodel the tour bus to accommodate him. I would only allow bouncers that are ex-Chippendale dancers. I would not allow cheap books anywhere near the grounds. Authors on the “no” list would include Sue Grafton, Danielle Steel, Tom Clancy, etc. Basically the authors who create the trash you can buy at the grocery store. Gossip magazines would be prohibited as well. Porn would be encouraged, but only good porn.

A Date With…Bree Olson (

Hi Bree, great to meet you. I just recently watched Van Wilder for the billionth time. In the movie, Ryan Reynolds says "It's a date" to Tara Reid when she asks to interview him. She responds with, "It's not a date, it's an interview."

Reynolds comes back with, "First dates are interviews." The format of this interview is just that, a first date. Imagine these are questions being asked in a bar or cafe over a drink or a coffee. Let's go!

MRM:. Bree, you're from Indiana. I'm from Milwaukee and my editor from Chicago. Everyone asks us how we got into entertainment (corporate music is where we started) since we're from the Midwest. How did you get started in adult films?

It’s something I had always wanted to do. Ever since I had been younger I thought about it.

I had a girlfriend for 4 years and she didn't want me doing it, but as soon as we broke up, which was when I was 19, I looked it up on the Internet. I posted my pictures and started receiving calls immediately. After a few days I chose a company to go with and went on my first plane ride ever.

I went to San Deigo at first and I learned about agents. I chose Foxxx Modeling and went to L.A. Ever since then it’s been great. I worked freelance for the first year and after that I landed my contract with Adam and Eve.

It’s been great ever since! I still live in Indiana and travel back and forth for work.

MRM: You're all natural. No enhancements, no tattoos and no piercings. How do you feel you stand apart from other adult film actresses in that regard? Do you feel out of place? Or do you feel they're out of place?

It makes me feel unique.

To me there's nothing more beautiful and enticing than a young woman with a clean slate of a body. It just seems so youthful and pure. I don't know why a woman would want to deface her body.

Tattoos are starting to go out of style actually. More and more girls in this industry are getting their tattoos lasered off.

MRM: You were pre-med before joining the adult film industry. If you weren't doing this, what would you want to be doing?

[Artist declines to answer]

MRM: Are you dating anyone? Why or why not?

No. Do you wanna get freaky with me baby?

[Authorial intrusion: I, the interviewer, actually blushed upon hearing this answer! And my answer Bree, is yes. ;0) ]

MRM: What's worse on a date: Bad breath or bad hair?

Bad breath! Mouths are ‘make it or break it’ for me. Mouths are very important.

MRM: Does size really matter? Give me the honest woman's perspective.

Just a little bit. I obviously don't want one the size of my pinky, but 5 or 6 inches is plenty long if the guy knows how to work it.

MRM: You and fellow A&E contract star Kayden Kross share coverage in a now defunct publication, Rock Star. How do you feel about new publications that skew toward adult content? Welcome them? Or leave it to the big guns?

I welcome almost any type if publicity and exposure.

MRM: Any pets?

I live alone in a house in Indiana with my cat Dr. Sniffles. She is a beautiful long-haired mutt that I was given from a litter of kittens from my parents neighbors.

MRM: Everyone asks "what kind of music do you listen to." I think that question is lame. What bands are gracing your iPod or car stereo lately? If they're off the wall, why did you choose them?

I am bad with names but I like almost all type of music.

MRM: Purdue lost in the second round, how do you feel about that?

I don't keep up with college football. Not even for my own school. I've never lived on campus. I just go for the classes and then I take off.

I love the Colts though!

MRM: I saw you on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” How was that?! And do you think Kim should do adult films after her Playboy spread?

The Kardashians were all very nice and Kim is beautiful. She should do whatever she feels comfortable with. I wish her the best.

MRM: How do you handle events and tradeshows? I mean, there are always fanatics. How do you handle them?

I love my fans so it’s easy. It’s one of the best things about my job.

I get very excited to meet everyone.

MRM: A lot of adult films are shot in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. What's your favorite thing about L.A.?

[My favorite thing about L.A. is] that nobody speaks English. That and it’s over-crowded and the 405 (sarcasm). My curse.....

Ava Rose…applies for a job (

Hi Ava! Great to meet you! This interview is a little different. The style of this interview is based on applications that at some time or another, we have all filled out. The application of sorts is loose and I want you to have fun with it. The direct questions are not meant to garner real answers (i.e. Address: "I'm not telling you where I live, you stalker! I live in Hoboken, that's all you get!"), unless you want them to. So, with that said, this is an actual application from a fast food restaurant that has served millions. Let's enjoy...

1. First Name

Ava “Flava Ave”

2. Last Name


3. Home Phone

(775) 220-hump

4. Business Phone

If I had a business phone I wouldn't need to fill out this application

5. May we contact you at your business phone?

Sure give it a try

6. Preferred mailing address

Depends on what you're sending me

7. Social Security Number

I'm not a legal citizen

8. Date of birth

February 9, 1986

9. E-mail address

10. Spouse's name

I'm not hitched

11. Have you ever been convicted of anything other than minor traffic violations?
Are you involved in pending litigation?


12. Have you or your spouse ever declared personal bankruptcy? Please explain.

Not yet, unless I don't get this job.

13. Of which country are you a citizen?


14. Are you fluent in another language? If YES, which language?

Yes, Ebonics

15. Last year of schooling completed

I have my hi skool diplomat

16. Occupational Field

Construction. Specifically the building of igloos

17. Position held

Missionary......oh you mean occupational position. Ice block layer.

18. Company Name

Chilly Willy Construction

19. Describe duties, number of employees supervised and responsibilities

Laying ice blocks to build your dream igloo. Just a few useless black and white birds (if that’s what you want to call them)!

20. Have you ever had a business failure?

No, I'm applying here for the experience some experience on it. Ha!

21. Current salary, wages, bonus, commissions (in $s)

Take a guess

22. Net worth (in $s)

[No answer was provided in the application, just a frown] = (

23. Total non borrowed funds available to invest

What sort of question is this?!

24. List any hobbies, community activities, special interests, or other pertinent information.

I like to ski. Running from polar bears is another (forced) hobby of mine.

25. Will you devote your full time to this business?

Yes, I've always wanted to flip meat! Ha ha!

26. Would you be willing to relocate for the right opportunity?

Of course!!

27. Who are you pulling for at the F.A.M.E. Awards?

Anyone who is a part of the Adam & Eve family of course. Oh! And my homies!

28. My editor confused you for Belladonna. How hard should I slap him?

LOL! Belladonna is beautiful so I don't mind!

[All photos courtesy of Adam & Eve]

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