Tom of U.K.'s The Heys.

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The Heys – Young, Bored & Broke

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The Heys

Picture Radiohead meets the Strokes, and you’ve got the fuzzy and up-beat, yet emotional British sound of The Heys. It’s hard to reinvent the wheel, but this band has managed to do just that with “Young, Bored & Broke.”

We caught up with Tom from The Heys, fresh on the heels of one of the best albums to come out of the U.K. this year, he had a lot to discuss with us:

The Heys - "Elbow Culture"

CWG: The BBC and BBC Radio 1 are institutions. How did it feel to be played on Radio 1?

It’s just good to be noticed.

CWG: How does the internet help in getting a band noticed?

You can show what you’re about to millions of people. You get to meet cool people. Everyone can see when you are playing, what you are doing, what you are thinking. We can get round the world in a split second.

If people like you, they can download your music. It means you are free to take control of what you are doing. It means you can do it yourself. It gives mass, direct communication

CWG: What do you recommend for other bands trying to go that route?

Just keep doing it. Spread the love.

CWG: You said that the film Quadraphenia is the film that sums it all up; why is it? Are you a big Who fan?

Well yeah but that ain’t the thing.

Its about the people, their aspirations, their love of the music. Its familiar. You can relate to it

CWG: While you were going through various line-ups, did the goal of making good music seem out of sight?

No. That was the point.

CWG: What is the difference between you and your alter-ego Tweed? Is there a personality change?

Totally different headspace. One records music, ones in a band. Same body.
Tweed is calm, Tom isn’t.

CWG: Can you describe the freedom of recording in your own studio away from the industry?

Basically you are in your own little bubble. Its all about the music. And because everything is familiar and relaxed you can let go.

You almost record by accident. It’s uncomplicated.

CWG: What are your plans in breaking into the American market and achieving further success?
We really want to come and play. We want to let people feel it for real. We want to see America. We also wanna sort out some dates when there’s people who want to see us.

The Beatles said they wouldn’t come to America until they had a number 1 record. We ain’t that strict. But the principle is the same. The music has always led the way.

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