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Written By: Pablo Cortez Photos By: Dustin Roe

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November 7th Troubadour, Hollywood, CA - Drummer Brandon Carlisle was kind enough to spend a few minutes outside the Troubadour and answer some questions before their set. The set, which kicked off with a little track titled “Skate of Die,” came with all out pop punk goodness. These kids owned the stage like they’ve been playing for twenty-plus years and literally stopped playing their instruments only once to get the wall-to-wall crowd moving. Do yourself a punk favor and pick up their newly released, They Came from the Shadows.

PC: So how do you guys like Hollywood?

BC: It’s awesome. We cruise down the street keeping our eyes peeled, scanning, looking for celebrities. At least a couple b-listers like 12 pack or Bonaducci, but nothing. The Cobra Skulls said they ran into E from 'Entourage,' I was pretty envious.

PC: You just released a new album, They Came From The Shadows .

BC: Yeah, September 15th.

PC: Is it any different from your previous album? Anything change for you guys, sound-wise?

BC: I don’t think so. We kept to the same philosophies. We wrote songs the way we’ve always have. I don’t think this record is a huge tangent from the previous stuff. It’s our favorite record and I know that everyone always says that the new record is their favorite but that’s the case in this situation as well. We’re happy with it and it’s another Teenage Bottlerocket record.

PC: Any favorite tracks?

I dig “Skate or Die.” When he says, “Doing slappy’s at the Circle K,” I was tickled when I heard that. What kid wasn’t on a skateboard, in front of a convenience store goofing off in the parking lot when they were coming up. So when I heard that I was like “Oh yeah, this is good stuff.”

PC: Speaking of that, you guys all skate?

BC: Well Ray and I do. Kody did a little bit growing up but didn’t stick with it as Ray and I did. We’ll cruise the park. We’re not ‘rad’ as it were, but we go for it.

PC: Any cool spots you skate?

BC: Usually around the streets by my house.

PC: What difference do you see between your fans back home and out on the road?

BC: When we’re on the road, there’s a lot more people who know the tunes. When we play back home, it’s a good crowd but they don’t necessarily own the record. They don’t really follow the band. We’re just a local band. There are a few friends that know the tunes but as far as getting into the record, really getting into the band, no one back home is, I don’t think.

PC: How long is your tour? When are you wrapping it up?

BC: 6 weeks. I think we’re out for another 2 weeks.

PC: Any favorite venues or shows you’ve played?

BC: St. Louis was a killer show. It was funny because we played the day after Halloween which was a Sunday this year. We were making excuses for why the show was gonna suck before we even got there. Me and my girlfriend grabbed something to eat at a restaurant next to the venue and got back five minutes before we were on and the place was packed, front to back it was crazy. Phoenix was also good. Orlando was killer, Chicago is always great. Toronto and Boston, those are the ones that stood out.

PC: Can you tell us about your previous band?

BC: Ray and I were in a band called Homeless Wonders. We were more or less a high school band doing the punk rock thing. Booking our friends’ bands from out of town, scratching each other’s backs. Trying to do some networking and doing some small tours, playing small cities. We were on the suburban home label and they were just getting started too. That band broke up in 2000 and we got Teenage Bottlerocket going in 2001.

PC: How did you guys hook up with Fat Wreck Chords?

BC: Mike was a fan of the Lillingtons which is Kody’s previous band. We got booked on a couple gigs with NOFX and he came and checked it out, he was digging it. He gave us a phone call a few weeks later and said he was interested. And it was all downhill from there.

PC: How do you like working with Fat Wreck Chords?

BC: It’s a dream come true, man. Fat Wreck Chords has always been our favorite label and to be a part of it is a big honor for us. Those guys are right on with their opinions with the music just like we are. With their input, we can take it or leave It, but we were into it and it’s great to work with those guys.

PC: Anything you’d like to get out to the fans?

BC: If you get a chance, come check us out on the road.

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