The Hatcham Social Interview

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Interview By: Victoria Hill (Urban/Pop Editor)

VH: You toured with The Charlatans and Ipso Facto. What was that experience like and what did you learn while being out on the road?

That its more fun touring with people you like than on your own (or with people you find boring). That you need to make sure people do not speak too loud first thing in the morning when you just wake up in a room with everyone.

VH: Toby said "I am not against selling records, but I am against selling shit records." I think that is a great philosophy. What is your process to ensure that you are not making a shit record? What is the recording process like?

We either believe in it or not, or we change it or throw it away. We usually have a pretty clear idea by the recording part what is going on but its never finished until its done.

VH: You have been influenced by 1980’s indie pop and post-punk (like The Pastels, Orange Juice and The Jesus & Mary Chain.) What was it about them that influenced you?

They wrote great great songs but felt exciting, we also got bored of everything being synths. Although we love synthpop bands somehow synths feel so retro. Whereas these bands just seem timeless. These bands are misfits, like ourselves and our audiences.

VH: I heard that you were also influenced by Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky.” It is considered by many to be one of the greatest nonsense poems in the English language. What is it about “Jabberwocky” that influences you?

Its just something we did. We like the poem. Its English nonsense. Like our lives.

VH: You created a lot of buzz in the UK and now that buzz is spreading to the US. How does it feel to be acknowledged in the US?

Obviously its good when anywhere acknowledges you and the US is somewhere we watch on TV and in the Cinema all our lives so its somewhere we think that people should hopefully understand us. We share so much.

VH: In two years, you have released four limited edition independent singles, compiled two mini-album cassette, played over 200 gigs (including selling out the 100 Club in London and the Fleche D'or in Paris.) That is a great accomplishment. What keeps you focused as a band to keep moving forward?

Thanks but we just do as much as we can, because its what we do. I cannot stand people being lazy.

VH: What are you goals career-wise?

We want three albums out in three years full of pop music for smarter people. To make something special. Then who cares.

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